Erik van Kessel

Erik van Kessel started his career in the hospitality industry at the age of 16 as a part time waiter in a restaurant. He continued doing this to finance his studies at the Hotel School in The Hague. After obtaining his bachelor degree in hotel administration, he quickly climbed the stairs in several international hotel chains. One of the highlights in his career is the re-organization and re-positioning of 50 Astron hotels for NH Hoteles after a take over. Evenly successful was his period in Park Plaza Hotels where he played a leading role bringing the company public and realizing the strong growth afterwards.

Erik van Kessel has a proven track record of quickly improving top and bottom line results in hotels. He is an expert in strategic planning and modern commercial management. The ability to simplify complex problems and cut them into smaller size challenges that everybody understands is one of the secrets of his success. Coaching hotel managers and regional management to improve results is without doubt where Erik van Kessel is most valuable.